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Finally did the thing. So, hi! 

I've been on livejournal forever and ever and never bothered to come over and make a journal here. 
I don't know why... this place seems much more polished and user friendly.

So anyway I am Reanna. I am 30, from WA, and mom to 2 kids, 3 cats, and 1 doggo.  I am a professional illustrator and a support staffer at Ao3. I can usually be found crying about fictional characters, ranting about LGBTQ+ issues, or doodling silly artsy things.
If you're looking for my reclists they're under serious reconstruction at the moment.

For now you can head over to my Ao3 bookmarks. Use the sidebar to the right to filter however you'd like. It's probably best to select "Read" under Bookmarker's Tags. I use a 5-star rating system. You can filter by stars as well which are represented by the tags #-##### under Bookmarker's Tags.

You can find some of my art on my tumblr in my art tag or on Deviantart.

You can also check out my rec tags on my tumblr, but they're also pretty messy at the moment.

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