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Birthdate:Apr 26
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:GracelessArt @ Livestream
Hi, I am Reanna.

A little bit about myself... I am 26. I am an artist and a writer. I am very socially awkward and kind of flighty. I live in the beautiful city of Seattle. I have a wonderful wife and two really cute kids. I am a serious fangirl. I don't really like a lot of negativity so I don't participate in a lot of fandom wank. Although I do sometimes sit silently on the sidelines and watch the drama. I may be kind of shy at first, but I am actually really loud and obnoxious once I label you 'friend'.

What you're most likely to find here on this journal is my crappy fics, my crappy art, me screaming about fictional people, and me whining about my life.

[Updated 02/14]
After something like 10 years of having my journal completely public I have decided to friend lock my personal posts. Not that anyone reads this, but I thought I would do it anyway. All of my old lj posts are set to private for personal nostalgia reasons.

If you're looking for my reclists they're under serious reconstruction at the moment. For now you can head over to my Ao3 bookmarks. Use the sidebar to the right to filter however you'd like. It's probably best to select "Read" under Bookmarker's Tags.

You can find some of my art on my tumblr in my art tag or on Deviantart.

You can also check out my rec tags on my tumblr, but they're also pretty messy at the moment.

Sorry everything is kind of disjointed at the moment.
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