Feb. 4th, 2014 11:43 pm
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I finally watched Teen Wolf. I normally livetweet/blog the episodes, but I was so sick last night I couldn't even look at a gif without wanting to hurl

Hot damn this season is killin' it! I actually shed a tear when Stiles called Melissa mom. I stopped breathing when she was looking at Claudia's health file. I was just muttering "oh my god oh my god oh my god" under my breath at the final scene. Jesus FUCKING Christ.

So. Rant time.

STILES IS THE Nogitsune? He is possessed. Okay, but it's also hinting that he may have a brain tumor like his mother. We already knew he was possessed by something... On one hand I am incredibly excited (and VERY impressed with Dylan's acting oh dear lord) and on the other I am worried for the pack. He doesn't need to be asleep for it to take over, it is strong enough to kill three of the oni when the entire pack can't kill even one, and it has Stiles' intellect to support it. I'm so interested to see where this goes.

CAN I JUST Beta!Derek is the actual best thing ever. He is so much more stable, but still sassy as fuck. Ughhh I'm so happy. SO HAPPY. Derek's character development is wonderful.

Also Scira is adorable.

I have no many feeling on 3b, but I don't know how to articulate them at all. I just. feelings.

And I just got done watching this week's Supernatural as well.

The episode was great! I thought it was suitably funny. Dean was great overall. Sam is being a giant fucking douche canoe, but I'm really hoping to see something come from this. A healthy resolution to the brodependancy better be the shows endgame or I swear to jesus.... Also let's play a game of where the fuck is the angel this episode.I don't have a whole lot to say really. I enjoyed the episode.

Anyway, I am still sick as hell so I am off to bed. Hopefully my head will be clear tomorrow and I can get into some serious meta about Silverfinger.
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